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The Origins of Rolls Royce

The Origins of Rolls Royce

How many of you know the simple origin story of one of the most high-end, successful and largest car manufacturers the world has ever seen? Rolls Royce was established back in 1904 and still continues to serve you with beautiful, one of a kind machines that make a person drool with gusto, wishing he could one day own one. Come with me as we focus on the humble beginnings of Rolls Royce. Started from the bottom and still conquering the industry. Who knows? You may be the next pioneer.

Here are a few interesting facts of the geniuses/creators of what we know as ROLLS ROYCE:

  • Rolls Royce began when two individuals from different backgrounds came together. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. This is an example similar to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, where creator meets sales and distribution.
  • Charles Rolls was born in Berkeley Square, London. He studied mechanical and applied science and graduated from Cambridge in 1898. He was an admirer of the motoring industry but his skillset really fell into salesmanship. He started one of the first automotive dealerships starting his company called, C. S. Rolls & Co. They imported cars from France and Belgium and sold it in Britain.
  • Henry Royce born in Alwalton, Huntingdonshire. He started out selling newspapers due to his family business failing. After many failed businesses, he partnered with a man named Ernest Claremont and started company called F H Royce and Company. They specialized in making dynamos, a machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and also made electric cranes which are used to lift mechanical materials.
  • Henry Royce’s interest with motor cars started when the competition of selling dynamos and cranes became saturated. He knew that motor cars were high in demand and he made his first car back in 1904. He engineered a vehicle with two-cylinder engines. This would eventually be called the Royce.
  • Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met at the Royal Automobile Club. Charles Rolls was impressed with Henry Royce’s vehicle with two-cylinder engines. They partnered together in the company called Rolls Royce Limited and unveiled the first Rolls-Royce at the Paris Salon.
  • Henry Royce was the genius engineer and mad scientist while Charles Rolls was the business-man and provided the capital to fund their endeavors
  • Rolls- Royce Limited eventually bought out C. S Rolls & Co and the rest is history.

What does this teach us?

A great creation cannot succeed alone. In order for a successful idea to be achieved, the idea must match the execution and capability to supply the demand and target to find the needs of the market. It’s more than a creation, more than selling capabilities and most of all bigger than one man. The bigger picture is always a sum of its parts. It’s the details that provide a company the foundation to branch out and grow. In this case, the genius engineer met the charismatic relentless entrepreneur. Together they were able to join forces and create something they never could have imagined. Think about that when you have your next idea and ponder on what kind of skills you possess that can be partnered with someone you may already know.